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  • jenerjener Member Posts: 34

    is there any more keys in mmorpg bc they arent real they wont work trust me

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
    You can't log into the game itself until the 22nd. And the keys from here work fine, I already activated mine with no problems.
  • smallcat2011smallcat2011 Member Posts: 1
    hix, nobody let any for me
  • jenerjener Member Posts: 34
    i dont wanna wait for the 22nd  the serves are up for maintence
  • supodchanasupodchana Member Posts: 1

     I have one. But It not activate. Why ???????


  • ospapospap Member Posts: 15
    i cant get a key...T_T
  • offroad4x426offroad4x426 Member Posts: 4

    Cant Wait









    Who is the best  MMORPG.COM thats who

    May All Your Adventures Be Safe

  • LittleBlueLittleBlue Member Posts: 33
    SF is so not cool just a hero online + flyff combo grind all the way!
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