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Amerikan vs. Azian Games

Hi'lo all gamers,

I found it a bit annoying to see all American Games are listed as the most anticipated and highest ranked games on the frontpage. All these games are run by the "rich companies" and the games aren't that good compare to many other asian games.

As I wonder if the rich paid all that $ to listed as the most ranked and anticipated games on the frontpage. If the game is good then I would shut my mouth and moving on but most of the games are crap and they're P2P.......GuildWar isnt that good and it cost $50 and the rest is charge for one time fee then monthly. Of course the only game that listed on there worth your money is WoW because its a good game.

Most Asian games are F2P and there are  a few bad games and a few good games such as 9Dragons, Scions of Fate.....I believe these 2 games is way better than most of the games that are listed highest ranked and most anticipated.

I understand that MMORPG need sponsors to keep this site alive...to do that must keep the big $$ guy on top.

Just a though cuz I played and paid those games that listed on the frontpage and I think its not worth the $ .....except WoW.


  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    Price should not be taken into consideration when judging a game Imo. Both Asian and American games are fine, but both of them target a diffrent audience. Asian games target the asian market, and American games target western audience. its only natural for western mmorpg's to be more popular here, although there is still a large amount of people who enjoy eastern styled games.
  • PicklefootPicklefoot Member Posts: 218
      Its been a really bad year for American releases as far as PC goes. It was more the console year, in my opinion. So I have to agree, I've been playing a lot of Asian made games for the past months. My favorite is Cabal, dreamy graphics and balanced skills. Quite a grind, but each level you get PLENTY of quests. Only downside is it gets lonely because 99% of the population speaks Japanese, so you can feel a little secluded if not many people you know are on. Anyways, I agree with you!


  • Spy_HIppoSpy_HIppo Member Posts: 322
    uh. Anyone ever play gw factions? I hate the asian theme.

    My mind has changed so much. Yet I'm still acting like I'm the same.

  • PicklefootPicklefoot Member Posts: 218
    Originally posted by Spy_HIppo

    uh. Anyone ever play gw factions? I hate the asian theme.

      I thought it was pretty cool, plus the armor was really well done in my opinion. First thing I did was level a monk to 20 get the Luxon elite set, then finish the game on the original campaign. That was the second day it came out so everybody was interested in seeing it. What didn't you like about the Asian theme?


  • PraetorianiPraetoriani Member Posts: 1,147
    Not all of them! Among the highest ranked games is Ryzom (French), EVE Online (From Iceland) and in the list of the most anticipated games is The Chronicles of Spellborn (from the Netherlands).

    Although I do admit, Asian games tend to do fairly poor among MMORPG.com users.
  • SlickinfinitSlickinfinit Member UncommonPosts: 1,094
    Every asian game I played seemed like a boring time sink with no point or purpose other than to kill mobs for xp and get levels, its that type of gameplay that turned me off of mmo's for the time being. I dunno if Lineage 2 is asian but thats probably the best Asian game I tried and even that didnt grow on me because of all the bots and the whole economy of the game was badly run. I would love to see a non-level based martial arts mmo with lots of pvp and crafting, diverse character customization and a grind that doesnt seem boring. Call it Ninja online and I will definatly play! I am disapointed in all mmo's though so its not just asian ones that stink atm its all of them for their lack of originality.

    {(RIP)} SWG

  • cornoffcobcornoffcob Member Posts: 860
    I think you spelled American and Asian wrong, you really should have replaced the "k" and "z" with a "c" and an "s," all respectfully of course.  Just pointing that out for you in-case you missed it.

    on topic, I've played very few Asian games, don't remember the name, of the one i played last, but i didn't play for very long mostly because i couldn't find a way to translate it from korean or whatever language it was in. The game though seemed to have a lot of grinding in the beginning of it and a lot of flashy things

    I guess i don't like them as much as American games mostly because i can understand whats going on in American games and I can't in AZN ones...

    I hope some day we can all put aside our racisms and prejudices and just laugh at people


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