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SWG EMU Discussion - read before posting



  • SinisteroneSinisterone Member Posts: 22


    and to add to the list of things,

    they've moved their site, opened up new forums and..

    have put up a disclaimer about their boards now being run by a group of community leaders..

    instead of the devs...and posts will be locked, deleted,etc,

    and that concerns should be taken up with these leaders..and no one on the forums have a right to free speech...

    otherwise everyone welcome,

    the swgemu  team of senators.lol.

    just figured id drop by and add an intresting fact))

  • ClaudeFRClaudeFR Member Posts: 376

    ROFL !

    They are completely freaking out now.

    They screwed big time, arsed the community in the new forums lying about made statements regarding an accouncement. They lie, they post lame excuses and they are not even mature enough to admit that fault.

    They said all time "we will post our big announcement on the forums". Now their headidiot (Ultima) let it leak on IRC, so it got promptly posted by an user on their boards.
    Then this Ultima-dork went on the board, flaming all users and saying finally
    "I said it on IRC where most infos are released, so stay 24/7 on IRC if you want to know whats going on".

    They really assume noone has a life able to hang out on their IRC channel 24/7.

    They dont learn anything and continue acting like full idiots threatening their boardusers now to ban them just because they posted some "thank you"-threads.

    Its fun to see little kids acting like rabbits on crack - go there and watch it - it's hillarious!

    If you ever thought SoE was bad with abusing admin- and modpower you need to see these V.U.P's (very unimportant persons).

    The best is to see their mods, thinking they are some kind of whatever when they got nominated. Same story all time, when some1 gets power unable to handle - primeexample !


  • MVSAx1MVSAx1 Member Posts: 26
    this is what peeves me off, you make absolutley no effort to be less tyrannic than sony in your forums, you dont support people who have negative comments (or so it looks like) to people who support them... yet you allow them to rake us? eh?
    is it even worth posting on here where you are basically catering to sony to kiss their arses?
    or.. should I say, you dont allow anyone to vent to where it should be and talk about things that are perfectly legal such as the emu? isnt that the purpose of forums or wasnt that the purpose of forums? to talk about things of intrest and vent? oh wait.. nevermind, i forgot.. You're with sony these days. nevermind.

    I am an SWG original, I played beta 1 with thunderheart. Flame pre cu and I - WILL - destroy you.
    PS Veteran as well, big shout out to emerald NC FTW!

  • infrared1infrared1 Member UncommonPosts: 440
    Go vote at the lucasarts poll for the best version of SWG.  From 1/30/07 to 2/06/07 they will be conducting a poll to see what version people like the best.  If you are a vet of SWG and wanna tell L.A. and SOE that they screwed up, nows your chance. Obviously they are listening now, or want to listen or they would not have posted this poll. Make your voice heard and vote before it's too late.


    Goto the link, it's on the right side of the screen. You can only vote once per I.P. address. Spread the word and lets show them how back they screwed the game and us.

    As of now, pre-CU is running away with it, and has 77% of the vote so far. YAY!!! Please vote and spread the word. They are listening.
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