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Anyone know the most realiable online poker site?

I'm talkin real cash, credit card required.




  • SlickinfinitSlickinfinit Member UncommonPosts: 1,094
    Well I play on about 10 differant sites all real $$, IMO Pokerstars, Partypoker, Titanpoker and i4poker have been my most profitable. I online poker alot to, last month in december I cleared around 4000+$ American mostly on pokerstars. The one thing to watch out for is collusion between other players as I dont think the sites rig their games because they make million per day just off the games without having to do anything but let us play. 1 table sitngo's is where u will find most of the collusion and similar 1-5 table tourneys, so be careful and even collusion doesnt guarentee a win so I dont even worry about them anyway as they usualy prove to be bad poker players so they lose in the end anyway lol. I personaly love big 1000+ person tourneys, the prizes are huge, collusion is near impossible and I seem to do well in them).   There is also alot of FREE $$ to be won with out even using your own! If you want I can PM u a few sites n links that have free $$ sign ups and certain sites have 1000$,5000$ freerolls that are free to enter! I won 2nd place outta 11000 people a few months ago and won 512$ for FREEEEE! Whenever you make a deposit to make sure you get the best bonus you can find and I think Pokerstars still has a decent sign up deposit bonus, its 25% and easy to clear I think or it could be 50% I forget. Anything else just ask and gl on the tables! If you see Taxyou,  Slickinfinity, Slickinfinit or Taxyou22 thats me!

    {(RIP)} SWG

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