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hyper00hyper00 Member Posts: 6
Hello I need to know whats the best free MMORPG


  • Stratus8Stratus8 Member Posts: 173
    Anarchy Online for its depth. Not for its graphics.
  • hyper00hyper00 Member Posts: 6
    I mean the best free both buying and monthly
  • ursadursad Member Posts: 39
    Originally posted by hyper00

    I mean the best free both buying and monthly
    You mean you can play? then pay monthly for more of the game to get more items, skills ect?

  • ZeroDepthZeroDepth Member Posts: 142
    Depends entirely on what type of gamer are you.

    If you're a hardcore gamer, go for a asian MMO. If more of a casual gamer go for a western MMO. Check out the ratings also on various sites and reviews, and see what you're interested in.

  • CideraxCiderax Member Posts: 20
    I have to agree, check out anarchy online
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