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Flyff: New 7th Version Update Released

Gala-Net, Inc. releases the 7th Version Update for the Online Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game, Flyff: Fly for Fun.

Gala-Net, Inc., the online community operator and creator of the massive GPotato game portal, has four powerful online games on its portal, Flyff, Space Cowboy, Rappelz, and Corum Online. These unique games are available to download and access for free and also offer optional items for purchase. Flyff has attracted players from all over the world with over one million registered users since its English Version release on December 22, 2005.

The 7th Version Update can now be installed through use of an existing Flyff game client and can also be downloaded as an entirely new installation file from many popular file hosting sites. The update includes many new features as well as improvements to the preceeding game version. New features include additional quests, high level armor for each class, more powerful enemies, and a new dungeon area called "Evillis Temple". The user interface has received upgrades such as improved player to player chat functions, visible NPC quest indicators, unification of in-game maps, and additional starting items. There have also been major overhauls to the pre-existing Skill Point System, various quests, and English game text translation.

The implementation of these changes best compliments Flyff's growing community and brings excitement and improvements to new and continued players alike.

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  • AselliaAsellia Member UncommonPosts: 174
    Ehm, I dunno where you got this info, but. At flyff.gpotato.com, The patch has NOT been released yet, and it is deadlined for Thursday. Anyways, Uhm. Ya. o.o
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