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ShadowBane Customer Service~~~

ModarModar Member Posts: 24

Just a short word about Customer service from the ShadowBane Folks!

I have been playing shadowbane since October.  Please visit this web site I put up to see the whole story.

image image image image image

I guess the site name sums up how I think things are going there.  But, this site is set up to just let you see the facts.  If you can't complain about a product and how it is working or not working, which in this case is NOT Working!  Then you can't expect too much from those people.

I only tell you the truth about what happened to me and I think that this has happened to others as well.

The only good part was they refuned my money for the subscriptions I had there, so I played the crappy game for like 4 months for free (which I think was fair).  But, they did not refund my $150.00 dollars I spent on software which you can't use, except on the internet.

I sure hope you allow this post to stay as I think everyone should be warned about a company like this and everyone should consider other options when choosing a place to play on the internet.



  • Stravus-EBStravus-EB Member Posts: 79
    I would really like to see the email they sent you with the reason they banned you. I have been playing over a year and have not ever heard of anyone being banned because they were reporting bugs and complaining. If you were being an ass in the process and cursing at the CCR's and so on and so forth then I can understand it.

  • crimsonbrucrimsonbru Member Posts: 15
    Haha nice website... I can tell by the shitty light blue background that you put alot of time and work into that page.  Anyway it sounds to me like you probably were a trouble maker.  While perhaps Ubi is not always eye to eye with its customers, I seriously doubt they would make any kind of statement like the one you have posted down at the bottom of your page.  So basically i think your a liar or are leaving some crucial details out... and btw if im wrong and you really did get screwed over... i apologize and ubi might very well be the most evil company ever.

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