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What I Think Agout The Game

dark5hindark5hin Member Posts: 3
    The game is pretty good with a total of like 8 classes to really chose from and lvling up is good. The game have guilds and quest so that good too. The other thing that bugs me is the killers and the teleport crap. The turth one cares if you die or not. Lvling mayb easy but with the killers out there they'll stock you and kill you so try to make some high lvl friends. The teleport item is point of having it. It takes 5 freaking minutes to teleport which would only take you a minute or two to get to. And also the exp box were a stupid idea. You get only about a third of the exp back that you lost so there is no point of getting it.

   Killers really piss me off...they'll pay soon after i get my character to a high lvl. And a matter of fact i should be that fat guy that had no life in south park and go kill everyone for fun.

    If you're playing and seeing me swear alot that means that I'm really pissed off.


  • FahrenheitTHFahrenheitTH Member Posts: 130
    Another topic written by someone with absolutely NO common sense(and I am sorry to say this) You're going on the PK channel, thats why you're getting killed. PK stands for Player killing, thats what it's meant for. If you hate getting killed all the time because you're low level than choose another channel, simple as that.

    And about the teleport devices(called blinkwings) thats a problem from your side because I get transported in like a second and i'm miles away from the server and using a crappy graphic card.

    Hope this helps you

    Happy Flyffing


  • OdioOmnusOdioOmnus Member Posts: 22
    1. Killers - Going on the PK server is entirely optional. I'd suggest staying out if you're a newb.

    2. Teleport item - Actually, it takes like 5 seconds. What comp do you have, a Commodore?

    3. Exp Boxes - Once you hit 2nd job, 1/3 EXP back means A LOT.

    4. No matter how high your level, someone WILL kill you eventually on the PK server.
  • kof2003kof2003 Member Posts: 128

    sick grindfest at lvl 50

    mobs getting harder to kill.....

    cheaper  a little than sro

  • mtgsongmtgsong Member Posts: 51
    the game is okay, dling the patch is a (*&%$ a waste of time always pop out error and u have to click continue lame
  • DougallDougall Member Posts: 32
    keep away from the pk server ther are high level chars running around just looking for low levels to kill i noticed this so when bored i would put on low level items and weps and pretend to level killed many level 60 plus chars with a level 87 psy with nub armours but my fun has been ruined now you can see the levels
  • baboo128baboo128 Member Posts: 21
    Originally posted by kof2003

    sick grindfest at lvl 50
    mobs getting harder to kill.....
    cheaper  a little than sro
    I suggest you find the right build, get an adv party and/or better yet an assist/RM, and of course get better gear or + your blue armor with the element you going against so you don't take too much dmg and vice versa with your blue wpn.

    check out some tuts on some websites to help you beat the grind

    *blue wpn is purchased from NPC

    Also stay away from the PK server (#4) unless you want to lose your exp% and/or stuff (even in warehouse).
  • kof2003kof2003 Member Posts: 128

    grinding happens all the time....

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