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People who stopped playing runescape

xavierownsxavierowns Member Posts: 5

ok so my lil brother loves the games called runescape but im really into WOW but for christmas i wanna get him a holiday item or money . but i don't have the money to afford him one or alot of cash. IF whoever stopped playing and wants to  contribute to give him somthing plz let me kno. sent me a message ok? someone plz . i hope he gets somthing but i'll need your support ok? thanks alot

xavierowns =)


  • sparky7483sparky7483 Member Posts: 159
    If u guys r seriously that addicted 2 rs that u think a discontinued holiday item makes a good christmas gift, u should see a psychiatrist

    Life is full of choices--dont make RS one of em
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  • fitSEXYgirlfitSEXYgirl Member Posts: 6
    im givin me .r.s. account away u want it? its has all holiday things. lvl 98


  • fitSEXYgirlfitSEXYgirl Member Posts: 6


  • b0rderline99b0rderline99 Member Posts: 1,441

    i want it

  • mmobammoba Member Posts: 2

    If fact ,there are many people still love runescape.



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  • niliosonilioso Member Posts: 1
    Hi, i just wanted to ask you if i could have your account, mine got stolen and i really want to keep playing but dont want to start over. Thanks


  • HorikachiHorikachi Member Posts: 22

    if you maybe got hacked you can still start over you know you had a good account becaus you got hacked so go for the new account if you where in a guild/clan they would help you together with friends

    and for your lil bro yust give him something like not on rs or yust give him a wallie card then he van be member if he isnt

  • airslayerxairslayerx Member Posts: 21

    I have 2 accounts for u

    airclaw1:lvl 36

    stats:atk:30 str:30 def:25 smith:36(he can make full iron : )  ) and i already have done a tone of quest and i have silver light so he might like that.

    airslayerx: lvl 7          it has 250 steel arrows and and oak long bow which all 2 gether costs alot.

    if he wants this one then :

    go to range tutor in lumby and take training bow and arrows and work on range till 5

    then destroy the training stuff and go to bank and withdraw. lemme know if u want this one

    email:[email protected]

  • r1m1k1r1m1k1 Member Posts: 129
    Wow, you quit early didnt ya? I was forced to play until level 87 when the constant 100 kills 1 drop system grew too tedious for me.. AND NO I WILL NOT SELL
  • Mr.Man_7Mr.Man_7 Member Posts: 224
    Christmas was last month, im sure your brother cant wait till 11 months pass.

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