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radio free zion

can someone tell me what happened to this radio station?


  • freiheitfreiheit Member Posts: 264
    The small community MXO had at launch dwindled to almost nothing qiuckly and the RFZ crew bounced. This was in summer of 05 I think.
  • TirantTirant Member Posts: 1

    I used to DJ for RadioFreeZion when we were running back in November 04. Basically, a few months after we started running, Sundog, our leader at the time, disappeared and took down the IRC, website and streams all in one day.

    We have no idea why he did this, but he did. The remaining members of RFZ, not wanting to stop DJing, formed Awakened Radio which was run under the umbrella company "Thinking Man Broadcasting". TMS decided to expand, starting SWGradio and a few other projects, before then buying out the group that owned "". They then merged all their previous stations into MMO, and some RFZ/Awakened DJs are still there now.

    So there you go, a brief(ish) history of RFZ

    DJ Tirant
  • EldaElda Member Posts: 343
    Omg Tirant you whore. WTH are you doing here! :o

    Did you know I've been a DJ there too for a v small time. Only got to run a a couple of showes, then something fucked up my internet connection and I couldn't do it anymore...

    You guys did eventually find Sundog didn't you? Even if it was pretty hard.
  • binary_0011binary_0011 Member Posts: 528
    i think i remember you tirant, see you in mmoradio !
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