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What I posted under the Vanguard forums!

MmotroyMmotroy Member Posts: 17

Im getting very tired of the crappy customer service and real lack of support offered by Blizzards WoW game. Its gone far too far now I feel. If you log into there servers they are crashing left and right. Also they are all label medium now and some are locked or just offline crashed. CM's on the forums refuse to awnser questions or give any sort of feedback. They released new realms on launch day and all were physically located in east. Alot of people on the WoW forums are saying they are moving over here. Im very much looking in the same direction. Anyone else feel this way?


PS. I was talking about moving to Vanguard here!


  • RazperilRazperil Member Posts: 289
    Unfortunately, Blizzard has always lacked customer service. Why do you think I'm playing another game now? It they were about making a game for us gamers, it'd be a different story. But why would they when the $$ is coming in like an F5 tornado? When a game company sells itself out to become richer than it is instead of giving at least a little back, that's the sign of a company that doesn't give a damn about thier subscribers. This isn't new news nor will it ever be. My only suggestion, if a company treats you bad when you're giving them your hard earned cash, find another company that will go above and beyond. There are a ton of higher quality games out there. You just have to look and try them out. Good luck to all of you that have this trouble with Blizzard. I for one got out and found a solid better game to play.
  • VolkmarVolkmar Member UncommonPosts: 2,501
    i do not know, servers have been pretty stable during the burning crusade launches and all my petitions are answered within the hour.. .Am i just lucky or what?

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  • coffeecoffee Member Posts: 2,007
    Blizz customer services has always been the worst of all MMO's ive played... even their forums have opening hours i think is 8am to 7pm, outside of those hours no Blizz employee will resond to ya posts, that is rediculs, a game thats online 24/7 and blizz cant afford to pay 3-4 people to man the forums at night, id bet many would do it fot free as its good on a CV.  Id do it.

    Disagree on the servers though, the 2 i play on have been solid, had a few disconnected on the day TBC was out, but connected again right away.  WoW servers are very stable IMHO.  Last issue was about 6 months ago when my server was off for 3 days becuase they moved it to a different data centre, got 4 days credit on my account too, which made up for it.


  • jayheld90jayheld90 Member UncommonPosts: 1,724
    if you want a game that really strives for customer service, try eve online. they have the best support team i have ever seen for any mmorpg. on the other hand, i dont think vanguard will do it for you...they arent too great in that department (or any department if you ask me).
  • kaibigan34kaibigan34 Member Posts: 1,508
    I never had a problem with Bliizard's Customer Service. In fact, of the the times I had to use them I was happy afterwords.

    1. Reported to the GMs about a farmer with a funky name like ffjkff. Cant remember the exact name now. About an hour after the Convo with the GM I got an ingame mail from the GM with 5 major healing pots and 5 gold.

    2. Deleted a character on my account and forgot to clear out the toon's bank. Would have lost 200 mithril bars and 120 thorium bars. After the convo with the GM, the character was put back so I could get the stuff out its bank.

    3. Got stuck in an instance. Something had bugged where it couldnt be completed. Main boss would always "Evade' our attacks. And wouldnt reset. contacted the GM and he came into the instance, joined our group and kill the boss for us so we could loot him.

    That is just three times I have had to contact GMs in WoW and came out happy. Other games its completely different.

    1. In L2 I contacted a GM about a bot farmer. Was kicked out of the zone and killed.

    2. In SWG I lost my house. It got deleted and never spawned back in. The GM reply was pretty much 'Too bad so sad'.

    3. In EQ2 got stuck in a place where I couldnt move. GM ported me to a hostile zone where I died immediately.

  • alyndalealyndale Member UncommonPosts: 936
    I play on Uldum Alliance and have spoken to GM's off and on for the past year.  ONly once have I had to wait longer than 30 mins to get an answer or have an issue taken care of.  The were very responsive and nice to boot.

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  • HubabubaHubabuba Member Posts: 229

    If customer support is so bad then go find another game, no need to troll these forums.

    And for the record their service is great, better than any MMO I've played.  I had my account hacked, dunno how, but I logged in one day and my main character was naked, my bank was empty and I only had a few coppers on me.  The next day my character was back just like he was before I got hacked.

    Another time our guild was trying to get into AQ40 but for some reason half the raid had different raid IDs so we couldn't raid, our guild isn't big enough to fill 2 40 man raids.  We petitioned a GM and within 15 minutes a GM showed up and started fixing our IDs.

    Another time I fell through the world, I petitioned and withing 5 minutes (I was shocked) a GM moved me back to the world again.

    3 problems in 2 years of playing, not bad.  3 fast resolutions...priceless.

  • ippoippo Member UncommonPosts: 109
    ^^^ You sir a a liar, Ive had my account banned and they wouldn't even tell me why.They said i was sharing my account when i wasn't I was hacked.Anyone whos even tried to even argue with blizzard lost.
  • XasapisXasapis Member RarePosts: 6,337
    Bad experiences do not invalidate good experiences and vice versa.
  • roadwarriorsroadwarriors Member Posts: 218

    On the contrary sir, their tech and customer support is number one.


    I can't say much about eve but my friend who play's says the game isn't really that fun he just plays it cause it's all his system can handle.

  • kaibigan34kaibigan34 Member Posts: 1,508
    There was also the time that Rend was bugged all to hell. You couldnt get past him to get to General Drak. My guild was doing Ony later that evening. When I told the GM this they gave me the quest item so I could get Ony attuned. No muss no fuss.


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