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Rules? Game Safely.

kietkiet Member Posts: 2
well runescape is a pretty good game when your a member, i think they should add more things for non members, and when someone hacks you, u cant really get your account back. cuase the hacker cancel your recovery question, and you cant really do anything when he has your recovery question. Fun game, but a lot of hackers, and runescape needs to get better before it can be a good game like the others.

kiet ngyeb


  • Drag0nDrag0n Member UncommonPosts: 20
    It takes 14 days to apply changes to your recovery questions and it also takes 14 days to confirm deletion of your recovery questions.

    If you dont notice the warning on the first page you see after logging onto RuneScape, the one that shows your IP Address and membership status, then its your own fault you lose your account or get "hacked".
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