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Olga Sonya Garcoun

This thread it is for those who already play EU and are familliar with this avatar : Olga Sonya Garcoun

I would like to hear your apinion about this avatar.

Q. Who do you think Olga Sonya Garcoun is ?

A. I believe this avatar it is controlled/belong to  Skalmanson , the greatest reseller in EU , the general of Warrants society .

What do you think?


Bringing the truth,


  • KlodvigKlodvig Member Posts: 22
    Hmm well Olga is a well known reseller. Its possible its a already well known avatar who use a second one in order to keep his/hers name clean.  But it can as well be  someone who have reselling as profession . Not very popular profession I might add hehe.

    Why it schould be Skalman I have no clue. Nor do i have any reason to belive he is since lol how many avatars is skalman supposed to have now?  So far I have heard he is, ND, RobRoy, Olga, Maximus and I dont even bother mentioning the Skalman is a MA employe conspiracy a while back.

    I Prefer to not bother investigating this type of conspiracy things since it really doesnt matter much to me. Its MAs problem if so, acctually since its against euala to have more than one avatar.

    Any idiot can critizise but few idiots can critizise well or with style

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