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Active key for game ' Scions of Fate '

Hi,please  send me a ' active digital key' for game ' Scions of Fate ' . Thank


  • evilknight23evilknight23 Member Posts: 2
    i really want A activaction key of this game preety plz
  • ceazer88ceazer88 Member Posts: 1

    hi there =), could i get a key too ?? pretty please =)

  • skyperezskyperez Member Posts: 2
    Everyone else is doing it so I guess I will to...Send me a key please!
  • evilknight23evilknight23 Member Posts: 2
    yea i do want an activaction but if u look at screenshots of the game doesent it look so similer to hero online take a close look at the map and please agree with me or not
  • mosuke987mosuke987 Member Posts: 1
    i want a key please

  • HorikachiHorikachi Member Posts: 22
    Cant you not yust go to the site and email then for the code loooooool
  • SteakpuncherSteakpuncher Member Posts: 255
    if you go here:

    They will be releasing details of all the places giving away keys sometime tomorow evening. So head over to the site, make an account, and sometime tomorow they will be providing links to the places you can get a Digital key from.

    The site will also be providing 10 or so keys themsevles as well.
  • TharcideTharcide Member Posts: 97
    This topic made me LOL

    Go here..


  • thehunter999thehunter999 Member Posts: 6

    Hey guys udont ask for the key u get it from the site admin posted were u go on and click the key thing probably 3k left ur hope is still there

    If it says serverfull and ur doing 2nd test probably have to wait until jan 22nd like i am i just read more post and i know more :D

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