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They gave away free flying mounts tonight....

They were stress testing the Beta 1 server tonight and gave away free temporary flying mounts to anyone that wanted one. And I got to say they were awesome. I was even attacked in flight by some wyvern NPC's.  You can definetly fight off the back of these babies. The world of Telon is magnificent.

Also, a patch is incoming tonight. 140 MB client side. They are patching in a lot of art and graphics. So you haters might want to take a look and see if they add in any animations you've been complaining about.

After the patch tonight free griffons will still be available in the newb towns for those that want to fly for free. Its very epic and I highly recommend you give it a try.

Servers came down at 8:15 PST and there is no ETA on when they come back up. Usually its a couple of hours though.


  • BaldzuluBaldzulu Member Posts: 19
    Aye...the flying mounts are very cool. 
  • TravasTravas Member Posts: 1
    Yes, despite having 5000+ characters on, I only lost connection twice at the beginning. Other than that, it ran smooth for me. Loved flying around on the griffons as well. It all really does look amazing.
  • RespenRespen Member Posts: 12

    I crashed probably 10 times in the wood elf starter area due to so many players on.  Man it was worth it tho, after getting the mount I don't see how I'll be able to play without one.

    This is coming from someone skeptical of the mounts in the first place, I had a really good time tonight.

  • shadowslicashadowslica Member Posts: 7
    The only crashing i did was when i was around 300 meters in the air and it was to the ground haha.

    But man it was worth the xp debt...really fun and i got a bit of an idea just how big this game map is.
  • PB&JPB&J Member Posts: 255
    Jaw dropping is the only way to describe it. I saw another player in the distance with this mammoth mountain behind him on his flying mount and I thought how sweet an air battle would have been with that guy.
  • Nikoz78Nikoz78 Member UncommonPosts: 910
    Vanguard is breath-taking!

    What do the haters have to say NOW??


    I miss the good ol' days when nerds were actually intelligent.

  • Rayx0rRayx0r Member Posts: 2,902

    so how many others checked out the flying mounts?


    what did you think?


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  • starman999starman999 Member Posts: 1,232

    The haters got nothing.....

    They bring that weak argument "oh well WOW has them too" not stopping to consider that the flying mounts in WOW are an afterthought, just another carrot on a stick to keep you paying and playing. In VG mounts are an integral part of the game right from the start.

    This game is shaping up to be the next big MMO by which all other games will be measured. You can quote that 8 million subscribers garbage all day but just like Mcdonalds they might have served 8 million big macs but that doesnt make their food any better. Its still fast cheap and easy  Just like WOW. I would rather have a menu with some quality choices so I will stick with VG thanks.

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  • MalpractiseMalpractise Member Posts: 7
    Please post a screenshot, you guys have me feeling like christmas day when I get to watch the look on my kids faces as they open the gifts that Santa has brought to them.
  • EthanaelEthanael Member UncommonPosts: 194
    These things are incredible!
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