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FlyFF(Fly For Fun)




              Are you much for online gaming?

Then FlyFF is something for you.

It reminds about ragnarok though & about other online games,role playing games.

FlyFF means Fly For Fun and it’s good graphic,also,free to play.

Also,community is high and services are good.

I will give you closer details:


First you start to play as a vagrant.

Since you play & lvl up you will reach to lvl 15,here comes the 1st job change.

Which means you change to another class.

You will have four classes to choose between:


Assist         Acrobate          Mercenary      Magician.


At the point of lvl 60,you will hit a 2nd job change,here’s lots of more of classes to choose


Assist>>>Ring Master or Billposter


Acrobate>>>>Jester or Ranger


Mercenary>>> Blade or Knight


Magician>>>> Psychiper or Elementor


It’s your choice to choose if you want to play.

Graphic,I can for sure say is really good as I said before.

This is just a small part of what I’ve been telling you.

The most preferred for European users are: Flyff.gpotato.eu

Also Flyff.gpotato.com for English server

Mostly for us who know English servers,but also the asian countries are acces able too.


I'd really say peoples should try it out,since it's really good graphic and it's funny too.

And with my own words,cause I’m playing FlyFF I would like to say:


FlyFF it's the Life.

FlyFF it's the life


  • BzrkBzrk Member Posts: 163
    This is indeed a pretty nice one to play when you're "inbetween MMO's".

    Though it is a bit of a grind though and the NPC names aren't always spelled right in a quest description.

    But nice to see a free game that looks this good and plays not all that bad.
  • microburstmicroburst Member Posts: 15
    Hmm... This game reminds me of Rose Online, which i played awhile ago during beta-which i think is better.  It's nice and all but grinding at lvl 80+ sucks lol.  Though you got to love killing the Clockworks ^_^
  • pataklapatakla Member Posts: 1
    Lol hell yeah grinding going 80 is such a pain in a ass

    at lvl 70-80 men its indeed really hard..

    but when u reach lvl 80 lvling is much easy..

    coz of  " Pinky " love those madapaka...

    i lvl there starting at lvl 75-88 1v1 btw..

    then when im tired of 1v1 i aoe them n blue roach..

    i sick n tired of flyff.. yeah i still play it just to keep in touch

    with some old freinds, but yeah im quiting..

    lvl 91 bp..

    so im looking frwrd to dis new game i found

    sOf fwt....

    the best game ill play...

  • serjndestroyserjndestroy Member Posts: 69
    I played flyff for a while, but after a while it really starts to crank the monotony handle. It is very mediocre, brings little innovation, and the flying system is depressingly underpolished. That and the fact that in the +-2 months that I played they had no less than 5 server rollbacks, which led to item loss, character deletion and general unhappiness. Or rage in my case. If you enjoy grinding, this game is for you. Otherwise, do not practise masochism, it is not a healthy habit.

    Hail DnDOnlinegames!

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