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Easy way to get a key

Wait until the second stage of closed beta. All these hardcore "ive been waiting for this game for years" people/fans should know the second stage beta starts on the 22nd.

Its been stated on the site there are around 10,000 keys available total for the second stage beta. Nobody on here is going to give you a key, the simple reason being those who got keys are going to be using the keys for themselves.

Even if you somehow miss the second stage of beta, its less than a week till the 3rd stage, and thre will probably be a few more keys made available then as well. Just stop the spam asking for keys, you will get your chance, and its only a closed beta thats open for 5 hours a day, with characters that re going to be wiped upon release, its really not something to get desperate over.


  • tenchi2001atenchi2001a Member Posts: 4
    i need a key
  • SteakpuncherSteakpuncher Member Posts: 255
    Originally posted by tenchi2001a

    i need a key
    Ill assume you were unable to read my post, otherwise you wouldn't have said that. There are infact, no keys available for 1st beta, everyone who got a key is enjoying the closed beta, myself included.

    You dont actually NEED a key, infact, all the "I NEED a key plzszszszsz" people dont NEED one, you want one, and you missed out. NOw you could post 1000 posts in here asking for a key, and will never ever get one. Or you can wait till 2nd beta when there are 10,000 more keys.

    The great thing is, I bet when the keys are released, half the spammers in here will be soo busy asking for keys to the game, they will forget to actually go and sign up to get one.
  • KyoichiKyoichi Member Posts: 23

    I need a key too

    *Unable to read *

    LoL  Just Kidding

    And yes, once the second beta is out, u guys could register for it and no one will give out their first CB key now.

    (First CB kinda sucks now  one hours of play time per day)



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