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As Intended

SabbicatSabbicat Member UncommonPosts: 290
Was this game designed to be rediculously hard and slow paced in the lower levels?


  • rhand18rhand18 Member Posts: 1
    Not in the LEAST is this game difficult and slow in the lower levels.  The only way it can seem slow paced is if you dont want to deposit in which case you either need to work for your PED by gathering sweat from animals in game (slow and boring) or go play runescape (no offense just the truth). If you put about 20$ in the game you can buy some decent equipment and probably get to at least level 500 in whichever skill you take in less than a week with you deciding how difficult the process will be by making either smart or not so smart decisions. Good luck out there it's a great game once you get some PED.
  • DobbinDobbin Member Posts: 35

    Ermm........ It's harder now than it's ever been , I mean like we are talking 10 years and serious $$$$$$$$$ to get anywhere. If you don't believe me check your own goddam Forum


    Case closed ....... next

  • fredypenguinfredypenguin Member Posts: 44
    To this i can only say : where is bad there is place for even worst

    Bringing the truth,

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