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So hows this game ?



  • DobbinDobbin Member Posts: 35
     Well said Zorvan, saved me a rant - nice post.
  • KlodvigKlodvig Member Posts: 22
      Please, by all means, enjoy your "game". People have their own opinions. Now we both know each others.

    Yes I agree its well said Zorvan, would be nice if u stay active here on the EU forum section though. Its healthy to have someone questioning in a contructive manner. I still disagree with u ;)

    Any idiot can critizise but few idiots can critizise well or with style

  • fredypenguinfredypenguin Member Posts: 44

    Ok, call me one of the idiots but at lest I realised that MA it is a SMM (sucking money machine) and they have a lot to learn before they can really offer the next step in entertaiment game industry. This is the reason they tell you "EU is here to stay for decades" because they realize they are unable yet to deliver what they dream of . But i will do something else for the next 2-3 years, untill they will improve this universe.


    Bringing the truth,

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