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Interview with a player

Interview with a member of the Hungarian Trox Killers soc.

Q: what is your name ingame?

A: Tiberio Sarti

Q: Why that? Any story?

A: Yes,that's my real italian name, comes from my old roleplayer ages.

Q: Which roleplaygame? Shadowrun for example?

A: No, Magus.

Q: EU is a bit far from Magus, isn't it?

A: Oh yes, but I started to love roleplay there.

Q: what is the gender of your avatar?

A: Male

Q: And you in reality?

A: Me too

Q: When did you started, how did you met with EU?

A: I read an article about it in the PC-Guru magazine and I though I give it a try. That was 2005.12.05.

Q: Which country do you play from?

A: Hungary

Q: did you heard the ban of Romania?

A: I heard something, not sure about it.

Q: What is your opinion about it? can it be a solution?

A: In my opinion if someone plays unfair then must do something against
that, but to punish a whole country for that is not a solution.

Q: Back to you, so you are a citizen of EU since 2005 december, without a brake?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you deposit real money into the game?

A: No, I'm proud that I started from nothing.

Q: Greatest success what you are proud of?

A: Well, that's a good question. Maybe my greatest success is that in
hunt, mining and crafting I had a 1000 HOF. What I'm also proud of is
that many people come to me to ask about mining.

Q: Which soc member are you yet?

A: The Hungarian Trox Killers, or HTK.

Q: Since starting?

A: Yes.

Q: What is your opinion of the soc? Where do you put that compared to other soc's?

A: I can talk about it only positively. The members are stick together,
helpful, like a big family. To compare to the other soc's I think it's
in the top.

Q: Any plans in EU?

A: No plans, but I'll stay here.

Q: How old are you?

A: I'm 28.

Q: How many hours do you spend with EU daily?

A: Well, about 10 hours a day.

Q: Do you have time for anything else?

A: I try to shedule it.

Q: Do you live in other virtual worlds or only in EU?

A: Only EU, I don't have the time for anything else.

Q: Mentioned that you are helping others, any advices for beginners?

A: Well, don't want to be professional in the first days, this game needs patiance, much patiance.

Q: What grabbed you in this game?

A: The structure of it and that I can be a member of a team where everyone fight for the same.

Q: Fight - melee or from far?

A: From far.

Q: Mining - enmatter or ore?

A: Both.

Q: crafting?

A: Tailoring.

Q: What is your strongest one?

A: Mining, that was my jackpot.

Q: Final worlds?

A: I love this game.

Q: Thank you for the interview.

A: Thank you for the questions.


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