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Monthly fee price

VicatinVicatin Member UncommonPosts: 139
Anyone have a solid answer on this?  Cant find it anywhere.  I heard its going up (past $15 USD) Just curious, @ 20 bucks a month, were looking at a $240 a year cost.  Those of you planning on playing this for 4 yrs to come may be looking at paying a grand total here. 


  • fansedefansede Member UncommonPosts: 960
    Might as well pay $24.99 for Station Access then, at least you get play the other games too
  • geldonyetichgeldonyetich Member Posts: 1,340
    I'm pretty sure it'll be $15/mo.  I don't think they've made that official, though.

    $25/mo is for the all-station pass that includes access to just about every other SOE online game (EQ, EQ2, SWG, Planetside, others less worth mentioning ;) ).  My experience with the All Station pass is it really isn't worth it unless you have time for more than one MMOG - and who does?
  • BaldzuluBaldzulu Member Posts: 19
    Aye...think they were going for $14.99 a month.  Not sure if you get saving for 3-month, 6-month subs (usually you do).
  • mmcguire2mmcguire2 Member Posts: 310

    The pass isn’t a bad idea but like the launch of SWG we may not see SoH included in the bundle for 6 months or so after launch  

  • BaldzuluBaldzulu Member Posts: 19
    They are already telling us Vanguard will be included on the pass so I would think Vanguard would be included on the first subscription month.
  • VicatinVicatin Member UncommonPosts: 139
    K, yea didnt see an officialy release, I remember reading something about a year ago about them saying they will just charge normal price, which is currently 14.99.  (Gah i miss those 10.99 days of eq)
  • obocoboc Member UncommonPosts: 189
    Really whats $ 240 bucks a year .. I spend that that much a month on stuff i don't remeber spending it on ...
  • geldonyetichgeldonyetich Member Posts: 1,340
    I might just spring for the collectors edition because it comes with three free months.  $50 with a $15 discount for subscription, or $80 with a $45 discount, which is more economical?
  • sololocosololoco Member Posts: 542

    That's exactly what I said before, about the 3 months being free in the special edition .  But someone said its not 3 free months of play but 3 months of being in something or other, a group or a type of guild outside the game which helps you with game info and such.

    I checked a site that was recently posted to see what the regular and special editions offer and I didn't see anything dealing with 3 free months of anything.  Only way back in the begining before the game came into open beta did I see something dealing with the 3 months.  So at the moment I don't know what they're offering if anything.

  • ghost047ghost047 Member UncommonPosts: 597
    Originally posted by geldonyetich

    I might just spring for the collectors edition because it comes with three free months.  $50 with a $15 discount for subscription, or $80 with a $45 discount, which is more economical?
    It does not come with 3 free months to the game. It is 3 free months for the Station Players, like in EQ2. You have your character stats on the Station Player website and you can see your stats, ranking and you can compare yourself to the other.

    Get a life you freaking no, you don't understand, I'm a Gamer, I have many lives!!

  • geldonyetichgeldonyetich Member Posts: 1,340
    I stand corrected.  I suppose that would have been too easy.
  • sololocosololoco Member Posts: 542

    But for that type of money there should be a few free months anyway you put it.   And considering many players have to spend hundreds of dollars (like myself) to upgrade their computers to be able to play this game, there definitely should be a lot more for the buck.

    I regretably spent for the special edition of CoV and what did I get?  Nothing! A few figurines which by the way are still in that box since I have no need for them and a large ass loose leaf notebook, which was also useless as it didn't really bring anything you really needed.

  • KombatJesusKombatJesus Member Posts: 236

    You don't get 3 months of access to the game silly rabbit. . .you get access to "station players".  There would be no reason not to get the collectors edition if you got 3 free months of play. . . - Friendly Vanguard:Saga of Heroes Qalia based Guild.

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