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Digital Download Or Purchase In Stores!? (Poll Inside)

DruNk_DwArF2DruNk_DwArF2 Member UncommonPosts: 196

Hey guys i will be purchasing Vanguard:SOH Via.Digital Download,but i want your guys opinion on doing this...I know some people like to have the game in physcial form for the simple reasons of having the box/CD's/booklet and anything elese that comes in a retail box..




  • fansedefansede Member UncommonPosts: 960
    If was anything like downloading Beta, might as well buy the game in stores.  It was a huge download.  The updatingTook me 11 hours
  • Nikoz78Nikoz78 Member UncommonPosts: 910
    Only took me an hour & 1/2.



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  • fauxhallfauxhall Member Posts: 132
    buy it in store. You get the book,and the CD key in case you lose it. And you dont have to download the installer off file planet, or some other site

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  • AnakayAnakay Member Posts: 17
    anyone know if the beta client gona work on the retail? because i dont wana download all the game again
  • geldonyetichgeldonyetich Member Posts: 1,340
    It's possible, nay, probable that you wont' need to download a retail client if you've already got the beta client installed.  You just register your retail CD-Key with your SOE account and you're good to go.  Any disparity between the beta and retail client the SOE patcher is more than capable of handling. Fileplanet/Direct2Drive actually keeps a copy of your CD on their files for you to look up later at any time.

    That said, there's probably benefits to purchasing it in the store too.  Because Vanguard doesn't cater to MMORPG newbies, the only way you're going to basic instructions is either to read a PDF or an included cloth manual, not in an in-game tutorial system.  There might be other benefits as well, I seem to recall some MMORPG recently released did provide benefits to those who purchase the game from a store versus online.  Ah yes, it was EverQuest 2, you got a clockwork something or other for purchasing the Fae expansion in a store.
  • VicatinVicatin Member UncommonPosts: 139
    I hearrd the beta client is gonna work.  Hehe, had a decent interface already, and besides as much as i love the game, its about to enter beta 6 very soon anyway, doubt they would have time to change much of the GUI in the next 2 weeks.
  • BaldzuluBaldzulu Member Posts: 19
    Since pre-order folks get to start 3 days before launch I would assume the beta client will be used.

    I recommend buying the boxed version.  I did the DL thing with CoH and I've had to DL that game about three time now...installing on a new computer or when I've replaced a HD.
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