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Scions of Fate is ready for Download (Beta Client)

Just in case u guys don't know bout it..

U can start downloading the client now


  • lLOlBOlLOlBO Member Posts: 4
    OMFG! i fall asleep DAMN!!! forgot it!!!! MAN MAN MAN!!! *runnning to get it^*

  • ninja202ninja202 Member Posts: 9
    its hard to get on.. keeps saying server is full.. =.= how annoying..
  • tyuwantyuwan Member Posts: 19
    server is not ready yet.
  • ragelionragelion Member Posts: 46
    at least we can download it
  • felipeahurafelipeahura Member Posts: 33
    PLEASE, Somebody please send me a Beta Key, pleaseee

    Spes Messis In Semine

  • phuc12345phuc12345 Member Posts: 9
    can i have beta key plsssssssssssssss
  • xlilxpiggyxxlilxpiggyx Member Posts: 2
    where can i dl the game????
  • ZeroxinZeroxin Member UncommonPosts: 2,515
    Do we have to sign up for this thing or is it by invitation only, COS I'M A MEMBER AND THEY SHOULD INVITE ME!!!!11!!!!!10!!111!!111!!!

    This is not a game.

  • pangkypangky Member Posts: 4

    i have downloaded the client

    should i  download all the released patches or the latest patch only

    doesnt the game automatically patch


  • KyoichiKyoichi Member Posts: 23

    Yeah, you need to download the game client and latest patch


  • thehunter999thehunter999 Member Posts: 6
    i know what umean how come they still havnt fixed server full problem .... dam nerds on and hogging, or its just a bug
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