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Speed Bug and 1Hit Hack

BaranBaran Member Posts: 1

Hello everyone. I got something for you. Its simple speed bug. Make it like this:
1.Open inventory and drag your weapon (which is equiped) over another player.
2.Write "/trade" and trade with another player.
3.Then another player must wait until trade board will disapear.
4.Your weapon will disapear (dont worry it will apear another time when you will trade or change server) and weapons dmg will stay in your hands, but yours atack speed will be increadible.

Its fun, isn't it. I got another hack. its caled "1hit hack. But for this i need yours account name and password (not vault password, because i am not account hacher like others i have got 190lvl dk and a lot of money and jewels nick: baran666 :)) to edit my program for your account. Its unreal you can do with one hit from 2 till 500hits. its up to u. If u dont trust me just dont send me anything. Just enjoy speed bug. My email: [email protected]


  • BigPeelerBigPeeler Member Posts: 1,270
    delete this... i cant believe people still think things like this work... i feel sorry for anybody dumb enough to fall for this


  • McygeeMcygee Member Posts: 76

    The speed bug using trade window does work.  My friend does it all the time, and I've seen it in action.  I also know how to use the one hit hack, and two things. 

    1) You make it one hit all the time you will be banned.

    2) He doesn't need your password or anything to make it work, it's called a scam.  I know how it works and you don't even have to type in your user name and pass to make the program work.  I agree delete that crap.


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  • MalkavianMalkavian Member UncommonPosts: 2,995

    Thanx Folks. image

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