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mpogamermpogamer Member Posts: 10

LOL this isn't really worldwide, but it's a thread where you vote your opinion about RO!!! If you like it and hate those people who tell other people that RO isn't good, cast your vote here so if those RO-haters come and see how much people like it, they'll be surprised. OR if it's the other way around, if you hate RO and you want to show how much people hate a great MMO that should be liked, vote here! What.

Love Ragnarok Online. Waiting for RO2.


  • ArtaiosArtaios Member UncommonPosts: 550


    I want RO2 !

  • hoofbite2khoofbite2k Member Posts: 8
    Yea same here. Ro is great, but still i want Ro2
  • AlfredQAlfredQ Member Posts: 6

    When will RO 2 Out???

    Can tell the date mah??

  • Mystic_BeingMystic_Being Member Posts: 13
    Yeah Ragnarok Online is an awesome game, RO2 probarly won't be released till late this year if at all...

    Like the other millions of players i too are waiting for Raganrok Online 2.

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