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Aussie (time-zone) Guild

xanklarxanklar Member Posts: 83

I would like to alert any Everquest players who live in the Australasian area or otherwise play EQ in peak Aussie time-zone to a fantastic guild -

There is an excellent Aussie-time Guild called Remnants of Gondwana based on the Stromm server.

It is a Guild that will help allcomers in their levelling, character development and progression, raiding and general enjoyment of the game.

Remnants of Gondwana (RoG) is the Australasian raiding guild on the Stromm server. Although there are several successful USA guilds and one Euro guild on Stromm, RoG is the only raiding guild during the Asia Pacific raiding hours.

The name "Gondwana" refers to the Australasian supercontinent that comprised Australia and New Zealand before the continents broke apart some 150 million years ago.

RoG has a membership of approximately 90 distinct players, spread amongst all classes. The largest proportion of the guild are Australians and New Zealanders, however membership includes many players from Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, USA who have playtimes that match daily Australian raiding.

Stromm was opened in mid-2003 and is a "no transfer" server (either to or from Stromm; so everyone starts at L1). Starting afresh with a new server and without the legacy of years of character development has been refreshing for many of our members. Whilst the development of guilds on Stromm has been quick, even starting now, you are not starting behind players with AA counts in the several hundreds or with years of gear collection.

As part of our push towards POP Elemental access, we are currently inviting any Asia Pacific players who may have an interest in trying something new and rediscovering the freshness of a new server to find out more about the guild. Our website is Feel free to drop by the forums and say hello.



  • ParaTrooperParaTrooper Member Posts: 1,961
    It's always good to see the Aussie and NZ Guilds around :) good luck with your guild.


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