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Aint bad

TimmeyhTimmeyh Member Posts: 166
why do ppl hate wow so much. if ppl want to play wow. let em play it.
ofc ppl who sit an play it all the time and dont care about the real life should ofc been executed. but why cant ppl who hate wow just shut the fuck up... i played wow a long time ago and it was fun and then i got other stuff to do and quit, then now the expansion has come and that have fixed alot of wows problems f.ex stuff that took hell`o alot of time.
wow doesnt require that much gameplay anymore like it did before. do ppl hate wow just beacuase it has "stolen" almost every person that play mmorpgs on this planet so they dont have time og cant afford to play games like EQ2 and stuff?


  • HubabubaHubabuba Member Posts: 229

    Why so many people hate WoW....

    I think you are partially right.  Some people have found other games they like but there just aren't enough people playing the other game for it to be fun (kinda like when I re-activated my EQ2 account and ran across 6 zones before I saw a single person).  But I have a different theory...

    They don't hate WoW, they love it, they love every minute of it.  They love WoW SOOOO much that even after they claim to have stopped playing it they can't keep themselves away from the forums.  Really, how many people quit a game because they think it sucks then they continue to keep up with all the new features and regularly visit the forums?  Even if the haters have really quit WoW, what kind of loser continues to troll the forums of a game they hate?

    Oh I'm sure they'll say they are here posting the "truth" just because they feel they are being a service to the community or some nonsense like that.  But in reality they are still in love with WoW, kinda like a crazy guy who dumps his girlfriend  then stalks her.  He stalks her because he is still in love with her.  These sad little haters who have nothing better to do with their lives come here and post away about how bad WOW is....then close the web page and launch WoW.

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