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Needs something shocking!!!

animefreak24animefreak24 Member Posts: 9

I'm ranting that Runescape needs good come backs!!! If the company could do that more people would

play and they would make more money!!! I like runescape but its getting too predictable...

Jagex need more updates not just new member skills! Like An update on the graphics.

Alot of other games are free to play and pay for extras and they have wicked good graphics!

All im saying is we need something new! Plvling, Pvp outside of wildy,scatter shot with bow,

endless posibilitys!

I'm new to this web site...
Be nice to me plz!


  • Mr.HappyMr.Happy Member CommonPosts: 64
    Ok.. The Reason why everyone hates runescape is because of the graphics...
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