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Everquest when you die this ever happen?

viet_boy33viet_boy33 Member Posts: 395
Well this should go to the everquest sins but this is kind of weird. But when i died as a noob i was then respawn to the freeport die area (default area) And then I saw another guy die and he was like on me because i was at the spawn point and at the chat box it kept saying (The character who died) fell for like 100 dmg and it kept saying that and the guy died like 3 times on top of me for falling some how and he like got so pi** and started cursing me and challenging me to duels. How this ever happened to you?

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  • ramadinramadin Member Posts: 1,304
    Only about 100+ times.  Maybe not in freeport, but alot of other places.  They never wanted to duel me though, its a bug.  They were prolly pissed because you wouldnt move so they could stop taking damage.

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  • DakkanonDakkanon Member Posts: 289

    It was long ago, I was carring a massive amount of Plat. At running speed, I was moving maybe an inch a minute. I was buying Sword of Morning and Golden Shield for a lot. I couldn't move with all my items on me, so I had to strip naked, just to carry the plat. When I finally got out of the bank in freeport, I walked off the lip/step. I took around 12k dmg, and died on the spot. couldn't F'in believe it.. anyway, I finally got my sword and shield, sold off Wurmslayer and was well on my way to whatever.

    Oh yeah, Velious expansion. I took a spill once, a long suicide dive. Giants area.. can't recall the area, but again died. 15k dmg. awsome.


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