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PVP in games, keeping it simple?



  • AlientAlient Member Posts: 315

    TaskyZZ is right. Even though my definition is the exaggerated form in which the term actually got it's name, EQ, AC, UO and many others use the sandwich style form of combat. Don't take offense to the term if you actually like this style of play; many people do like it and it fits for most MMORPGs. Look at RTS games. Every one of them uses sandwich style combat. It's easier to see it in RTS than MMORPGs because developers try to make it transparent in MMORPGs. Doesn't mean it's not there though.

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,922

    Ah another pvp post.

    First,balance is not as easy as you think .Otherwise many mmorpgs would achieve it by now.Don't think all those hundreds of developers are so stupid.

    Take planetside a mmofps all about pvp and nothing else.They can't achieve balance till now .It is hard to achieve balance and keep each class unique.

    Best I can see without letting everyone be identical or cookie cut is what DAoC has tried to achieve -merc owns caster,ranger owns merc from distance,caster owns archer from distance.Each class able to have the upper hand in a particular situation.


  • TMcCTMcC Member Posts: 218

    Originally posted by TheFoo
    Universal fact? Speak for yourself. It isnt a fact, its an opinion. I dont want my opponent to lay down while I stab him. I dont want to hit him with an insta-kill weapon. Some of us want a challenge. We want to *earn* that kill.

    Amen I would rather be beaten in my pvp ordeals then have easy victories where my opponent would be "lying down" and gettin destroyed by me easily everytime...that would be like total pve in the sense where you cant really die. image

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