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Who els is having a problem downloading?

SinakuSinaku Member UncommonPosts: 552

It wont let me download the game and on the F.A.Q on the site it says

You can automatically setup the game by clicking on the Game Start button in the website without downloading the game.
This case only applies to those who use the windows internet explorer.
If automatic setup does not work properly, you can also manually download the setup file from the homepage>support>download>scions of fate download.
If your download speed is slow, or if you get disconnected often, you can click on the download manager at the bottom of the screen to resume the download.

And that doesnt wrk so if somone can help leme know ^^,cause it would be pointless to get a digital key and not beable 2 download the game =(


  • astragothastragoth Member Posts: 8
    I think that they havent enabled the download link yet.  cant see they wanting to release the client until people has got their beta keys
  • MandiesMandies Member Posts: 14
    Lolz yep, download isn't out yet.
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