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Beta keys from MMORPG



  • MavSkipperMavSkipper Member Posts: 1
    i'm here for the key too :)

    bring it on
  • tayhaithiantayhaithian Member Posts: 7

    wooohuuuuu im here for beta keys too hehe

  • MemenetteMemenette Member Posts: 12
    I know how you feel. I want a beta key for this game really really bad. Probably won't get one though.
  • MandiesMandies Member Posts: 14
    Don't worry so much if you don't get one, there's still the 2nd and 3rd beta ^^. Good Luck Everyone :)
  • loneravenloneraven Member Posts: 5
    Wow, this game seems to be getting more and more popular..Hope I get one.=D
  • ninja202ninja202 Member Posts: 9
    man.. i wanna play this game so bad. i hope i get the keys soon =P
  • AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,622

    Ours will be first come, first served.  Again, make sure to get on our alert list for promotions or visit the site frequently so you don't miss the kick-off

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

    The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

  • SinakuSinaku Member UncommonPosts: 548

    Same here ^

  • tuannguyen84tuannguyen84 Member Posts: 2
    for some reason i can't find the place to get the beta digit key?
  • SinakuSinaku Member UncommonPosts: 548

    It probably wont be out till tomarrow since thats whne the beta is released =)

  • bladecuterbladecuter Member Posts: 9

    i hopppppppe i get a key   hehe


  • silentstaresilentstare Member Posts: 2
    Hope I can get one too!~ I would really love to try this game. More power mmorpg!
  • mikeazn3kmikeazn3k Member Posts: 1
    oh yeaa deng i've waited for a full 4 months for this game n i hope i'd get a key for the first closed beta , i've registered for like 3 diff sites hopefully mmorpg gets the keys out first
  • lanchuonglanchuong Member Posts: 3
    So its first come first serve not 15 post ic, but how many keys are gonna be given out?
  • astragothastragoth Member Posts: 8

    MMORPG.COM is a major game site.  I be surprised if they got anything less then 1/13 of the 5000 keys available for the first week

  • curnetcurnet Member Posts: 4

    wooo beta key .............................hihi too all .. i want a beta key ... can i have it ..plzzz .. i readly want it .. plzzz plzzz


  • zizicszizics Member Posts: 3
    Hi to all, I want a beta key, this game looks great! thank you all and see you on the battle field! GOOD LUCK
  • CrusaderAriCrusaderAri Member Posts: 5
    Good luck to everyone trying to get a Beta Key xD. Checking around constantly for one, hope MMORPG.com gets a good amount. They should get quite a few I think.
  • curnetcurnet Member Posts: 4
    hihi again ... guy btw how to get the SOF beta key .. can anyone tell me ??   i want lah ..and i also want test this game
  • StMixxStMixx Member Posts: 1
    Good luck to everyone!!!! This game seems really really interesting..
  • aznslickaznslick Member Posts: 1
    Hopefully i get a a Beta Key. CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME!
  • havocown88havocown88 Member Posts: 1
    can i plz have a beta key too? i have been waiting to play this game ever since i heard its coming out. i will really appreciate it if i can get a hold of a digital key
  • clawsinclawsin Member Posts: 1
    i wish i get 1 too ive been waiting my whole life


  • aznddrj307aznddrj307 Member Posts: 27

    looks like everyone want the KEY so BAD lol

    gl to everyone

    and i hope the game dont suck, by looking at the Screenshots, they looks ok, but i dunno, gotta really play it to tell...


    HOPEFULLY its good, atleast better than flyff

  • lanchuonglanchuong Member Posts: 3
    Hoping to play this game, just can't wait to get key.
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