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Chinese Game

the whole game looks really asiany even though im asian just thought i brought it up.

I love MMorpgs..


  • slayeeerslayeeer Member Posts: 6
  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    i do ussually prefer the medival theme over asian but i can over look it so long as the game is as awesome as im hopping.

  • gunungmerapigunungmerapi Member Posts: 26
    Is this game going to be available in english? looks great, we need more variation from the medieval theme :P.
  • KhaunsharKhaunshar Member UncommonPosts: 349
    I actually think the characters are far too much on the "cute" side.

    But that aside, I have to say it does sound quite promising on a few features. I dont think it will have a huge followership in europe or america though, mostly due to the graphics which appeal more to the asian market.

    I look forward to seeing the reactions to this game on these boards.

  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    Yea I don't expect this to do as great a job as it did in Asia.

    Tho it did insane there so this might pick up most of the F2P mmo players.

  • VEG5000VEG5000 Member Posts: 45
    This game is doing awsome in the east its ranked in the top 5 now. I think it was really #3 out of the top 5 which for a F2P MMO thats pretty impressive. The game has alot of interesting things I was sceptical about it till I desided to play over 1 week or so ago and its just been getting more and more interesting the characters are really fun and funny with the more emotes you get image. The closed beta will start November 13th for North America so not too much longer. I figured I would see how the game was before I signed up for Beta. and after 2 days I liked it. If you are interested try the japanese version teporarally or sign up for Closed beta. You really never know till you try it hehe.
  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    true it is quite captivateing ^^; i cant wait too much longer!
  • TrazTraz Member Posts: 2
    so what if the game is on the cute side of things? the only thing that matters is game play

  • redheroredhero Member Posts: 6
  • Casanova1991Casanova1991 Member Posts: 7
    Made in Korea huh ? In think it made from China

    Mr xXCasanovaXx

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