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Why do people compair this to WoW?

I do not understand why peopel have been compairing this game and other MMO's to WoW. Wow didnt start the MMO field I hate the name being said in the first placeimage. ERRR that game just erks me so much I have played it and all I got to say is Blahhhh. Yea Blizzard made it woopty-doo, yea it was advertised more in the US becuase it was US made again Woopty-doo. I realy wish I could stop hearing about that whatever MMOimage. this game is nothing like WoW. There is no satisfaction in Wow that much and it jsut atracked way to many NON-MMO players to true MMO players. Sorry if you are a big Wow player this is just my opinion on that. Well for the most part several more days till CB release of Yulgang (Scions of Fate) image.


  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    People compair everything to WoW,

    I don't get it either.

  • ShinzheShinzhe Member Posts: 2

    WoW did introduce alot of people into the genre of MMORPG tho. I mean, people in North America and other caucasian countries that had no idea online games existed until Blizzard did massive advertising. WoW created a niche and continues to dominate the MMORPG market through advertisement and experience. I use to play WoW until I got bored at lvl 60, being an old school MMORPGer I understand what you mean and how you feel about the game.


    But you cannot deny the fact that WoW is currently the most played MMORPG in the world atm, thats why people compare games with the best. You gain nothing from comparing another game with another crap one.

  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    yea WoW did bring in a lot of non current mmo fans, and it is the largest PaytoPlay mmo.

    The current largest however is indeed Yulgang Online. Wich is why im really excited to get started in the English version.

    but yea WoW has it's good parts but i really get tired of the fasination newcommer players get with it.
  • dalinmwsdalinmws Member Posts: 6
    WoW was a fantastic game, and the -only- MMO that i was interested in
    playing... to be honest, it was my first, and was terribly fun until i
    hit 60, and realized i didnt have the time to devote to instance

  • crsntcrsnt Member Posts: 3

    i tried wow twice becoz some of my frens are playing it.

    Honestly, i dun like wow. it's somehow gets boring too easily and i dun like the drawing of the characters.

    I love cute animation character like scions of fate :o

  • aznddrj307aznddrj307 Member Posts: 27
    lol, honestly, i dun like WoW, wellits kinda a personal opinion, b/c i am anime mmorpg type...
  • astragothastragoth Member Posts: 8
    I guess people that compare the two games havent tried others types of MMORPGs.   but I havent played Scion of Fate yets so I cant say
  • Casanova1991Casanova1991 Member Posts: 7
    i think this game is more attractive than WoW . the model of the character look cute , the skill is wondeful

    Mr xXCasanovaXx

  • Casanova1991Casanova1991 Member Posts: 7

    i think it is more attractive than Wow , the model is so kool & skill is amazing !

    Mr xXCasanovaXx

  • 0theri0n0theri0n Member UncommonPosts: 114
    its all based on how u play ur mmo's. do u like quest oriented lvling or just sitting there and grinding. personally i like to do both, somtimes u just want to sit and do mindless killing and other times u want to run all over the place  figuring out stuff. WoW was too quest oriented for my taste and to wide scale, everyone and thier mom (literally) plays wow. id rather play a much better game that has a mix of both worlds ( and that is free ;P )
  • LeoTheReaLLeoTheReaL Member Posts: 7
    I played both games and i think Scions of Fate is BETTER then WoW sry but this is my mind.
  • DeimonDeimon Member Posts: 2
    Hell, I prefer Viva Pinatã over WoW..and that isn't even a MMORPG, but seriously, I didn't enjoy WoW..at all
  • ragelionragelion Member Posts: 46
    WoW deost appeal to me for some reason but when i saw scions of  fate it was nice and clean animation but in WoW the chachter animation looks wired
  • xersentxersent Member Posts: 613

    Scions of Fate does look real nice.. i also like the character animation .. i feel the same about wow.. i couldnt get on with it.. but alot of my friends play it.. but am looking forward to this :D


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