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What class will u guys be? [official poll]



  • WhatTheHeoWhatTheHeo Member Posts: 224


    If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

  • DarckcloudDarckcloud Member Posts: 4

    Im thinking of Being a Spearman or a Healer so I will be invited to join parties more

  • aznddrj307aznddrj307 Member Posts: 27
    i will definitly go for archer, i heard that the archer skills are awsome :D
  • MandiesMandies Member Posts: 14

    I almost always play a suppor t class ^^...  <3 Helping

  • Casanova1991Casanova1991 Member Posts: 7
    i think i will be blade or because their clothes looks so cool !!

    Mr xXCasanovaXx

  • astragothastragoth Member Posts: 8

    w00t no Assasin class??  J/K


    I be swordie or a mage, it all depends on the game.  guess I am a offensive person

  • MemenetteMemenette Member Posts: 12
    I'm going with swordsman. I'm an offense-person. In mmorpgs, I'm usually a mage or a swordman, but since no there's no mage class here, I swordman's definetely my pick.
  • loneravenloneraven Member Posts: 5

    Bowman. I have a fetish for arrow related classes in all MMORPGs>.<

  • ninja202ninja202 Member Posts: 9
    mmm.. i wanna be a spearman because everybody loves spears lol.
  • bladecuterbladecuter Member Posts: 9
    Im going to BE a Swordman =D I hope the lvling system is similar to flyff on how you can use healers to enhance your game play. Would be awesome
  • CrusaderAriCrusaderAri Member Posts: 5
    I'm probably going to be a Spearman, class with the highest attack. Can't beat that! ...Okay maybe with their low defense and speed.
  • Syndrom£Syndrom£ Member Posts: 2
    I wanted to be bowman, now i am going towards either spear or blades

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  • silentstaresilentstare Member Posts: 2
    I would be an offensive healer since it would look like a mage. I love being a mage in any mmorpg. ^__^
  • SinakuSinaku Member UncommonPosts: 548

    Iam probably gunna be a blade,and have a spearsman as my alt,and if i get them both to hgih lvls ill whip out with a healer(assuming you can have more than one character ^^)

  • Mr.Man_7Mr.Man_7 Member Posts: 224
    i have no info. on the characters but the blades men and archer look like good players im only going to try it out cause its f2p

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  • ragelionragelion Member Posts: 46
    healer chaos they are more of a mage if you are healer and join the faction chaos.
  • tboy1212tboy1212 Member Posts: 5
    Well, a Blademan is a good class to start out with. You will probaly get the hang of it after awhile. So yeah, these classes are pretty good to start out with: Blademan, Archer, Priest, and a Swordsman.
  • MilleniaMillenia Member Posts: 4
    I will be:

    Swordsgirl ~ or ~ Healer

    Based on Looks, Dresses and Pinkness

    I see lots have voted Healer so my choice of Swordsgirl is more likely.
  • hongha78hongha78 Member Posts: 2

    I will be archer

  • DonAngeloDonAngelo Member Posts: 3

    i will be a Spearman.

    i was spearman in Legend of Ares too and so i will take it in sof too

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