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Beta keys from MMORPG

Will mmorpg.com be handing out any beta keys?  I remember for example they handed out Pirate king online keys to members.


  • tiger6993tiger6993 Member Posts: 33
    Not that I know of. The only places I know of that are getting beta keys are FatePlayer.com and mmosite.com (don't know if that's right).

    Chances of getting one are good at Fateplayer...almost guaranteed to all members with more than 15 posts.
  • hellpetshellpets Member UncommonPosts: 2

    how can i get a guaranteed betakey without having to post 15 times on www.fateplayer.com?

    wanna play the game real bad so when its beta, i wanna play to get a hang of it

  • tiger6993tiger6993 Member Posts: 33
    You could try MMO Gamez.

    Follow these instructions:
    However, you'll have to watch to see when they get the beta keys. Might be kind of annoying.
  • zeroxp415zeroxp415 Member Posts: 9
    that be awsome if they pass out beta keys this seen kinda fun to play


  • aznddrj307aznddrj307 Member Posts: 27
    yes they got beta keys not, which is mention in the official website
  • tiger6993tiger6993 Member Posts: 33
    Yes, MMORPG.com will be given keys.
  • Amari77Amari77 Member Posts: 1
    I want a beta key. How do i get one?

    Hey check out my site at http://m.1asphost.com/trugamers also see my forum!

  • integrity32integrity32 Member Posts: 2
    Man o Man do i want a beta key
  • faye22faye22 Member Posts: 1
    same want a beta key bad.
  • AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,623
    Yes, we will be giving out beta keys.  Keep your eye out on our site in the coming week

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

    The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

  • sen89sen89 Member Posts: 1
    Really hope i could get 1 too.
  • AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,623
    Originally posted by sen89

    Really hope i could get 1 too.
    Advice: Make sure you are on our promotions alert mailing list (this is set under My Profile|Alert Settings) 

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

    The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

  • ryanweezsryanweezs Member Posts: 1
    ohh icic cool~~~!!! i hope i can get 1.... cant wait to play that game >,<
  • lanchuonglanchuong Member Posts: 3
    Hi, hoping to get a key, can't wait to play that game :)
  • astragothastragoth Member Posts: 8
    Will MMORPG.COM have posting rules like other fansites? or will it be first come first server?
  • Casanova1991Casanova1991 Member Posts: 7
    If you have 15 replies , you can get 1 Key ! Good Luck :D

    Mr xXCasanovaXx

  • windowsvistawindowsvista Member Posts: 1

    hix hix, anyone have keys ?

    i want to play this game ^^, please give me a key

  • LeoTheReaLLeoTheReaL Member Posts: 7

    I'm really a big Scions of Fate freak and i wanna get a key too :) pls nice admin give me a key when you have some keys :D

    here is my email if you need lewon2006@freenet.de

  • LeoTheReaLLeoTheReaL Member Posts: 7
    Admin i have 1 good question for all here... what we need to do to get a key?
  • adamorjamesadamorjames Member Posts: 3
    So, this game looks great and all and now all I can do is hope and wait for a beta key... bring on the key!
  • lLOlBOlLOlBO Member Posts: 4
    Well, im BETA TESTER for GHOST ONLINE; from MGAMES; and this game is the next step  on the MGAMES series. 

    I will really want to get a KEY for enteirng the BETA TESTING times.

    Thanks for your attention.

  • AngelJuntakAngelJuntak Member Posts: 3
    Ya Beta keys are needed here! ^-^

    this would be a life savior if i have a key for it =3..

    i mean like finaly a good MMORPG though ^^

  • vashininvashinin Member Posts: 2

    I want close beta key too I need close beta key I will kill for 1 close beta key

  • 0theri0n0theri0n Member UncommonPosts: 114
    i have been looking forward to this game for a while now and im just dying to get  my hands on a key ;)
  • LeoTheReaLLeoTheReaL Member Posts: 7
    Beta key i can see you and i can feel you,pls come to me :D
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