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Request: "I am quitting/bored of/hate WoW." forum

retrospecticretrospectic Member UncommonPosts: 1,466
It could alternately be called the "I play EVE now, and EVE advertises pointless awards so I came here to tell WoW players how their game sucks and I can't believe it has 7mil people omg I'm bored of WoW I played a Tauren to level 12 and I got killed so I logged off it is stupid/gay/lame/lol"



  • retrospecticretrospectic Member UncommonPosts: 1,466
    I'm just tired of hearing the same hate.  Most of it is poorly written and poorly informed.
  • maxdomaxdo Member Posts: 284
    i totaly agree if you like the game great play it talk abought it with other players if you hate the game great dont play it dont talk abought personly i like the game i play it for a few months here and there then i take a 2-4month break then i come back and i enjoy it
  • NadrilNadril Member Posts: 1,276
    I'd vote for it.
  • BrianshoBriansho Member UncommonPosts: 3,586
    WOW firs makee me feel happy, butt now itz makee me boreed. I wuld post in that forun.

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  • iCehiCeh Member UncommonPosts: 884
    I play both games, so erm... yea, i'm a loser.


  • zballzball Member Posts: 51
    I felt the same way i got to lev 13 and hated the game.  But a friend at work was playing it he was lev 57 and he kept talking about how much fun he was haveing .  I had just got to lev 20 i n Guild wars  (now that game is a joke  its not a real MMO ) and i thougfht i would give WOW anothere try Im a lev 31 war and I love this game it is so much fun.  I am a blacksmith and i love the PVP there r so many things you can do.  Once you do your first instance or PVP and get new powers you will be hooked give the game a chance it is By Far the best thing out there.  Darke age was fun but Frustrating and City of Heros is fun but not very deep.   
  • linuxgamerlinuxgamer Member Posts: 126
    Man, this level 5 Kobald pwned me and I had to walk all over to find my corpse. Then these bandits wearing red masks pwned me and again I had to walk to my corpse. The last straw was this wolf, I aggroed 2 and they pwned me. /logout /cancel
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