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Clan wars - only sieges?

StereoviewerStereoviewer Member Posts: 238
Considdering there are only five catles to siege, and that those cland possesing the castles can hold them for two weeks, sieges will not happen very often. And when they happen, the competion for them for force players to form gigantic clans in order to win them. This put servere limits to PvP and clan wars in my opinion. Is there any other forms of meaningful clan warfare where you get usful benefits when winning? Other games have constant warfare between territories and clans possesing towns/castles. It can involve merchants trying to make business in one clans town beeing ambushed by enemies trying to disrupt trade and tax revenues for the clan in charge of the town. This forces merchats to hire bodyguards, and bounty hunters hunt the outlaws/enemy clan members. An other feature can be attacks on enemy clans mines and lumbercamps. The games I am talking about is Dragon Empires, Mourning, Darkfall and to some extent Dark and Light. Does these features exist in l2 as well? Another question I have is: What is pledge wars and alliance wars?


  • MistiMisti Member Posts: 724

    I will answer the best I can from what I have read and seen but no personal experience since we didnt get to do this in closed beta.

    First they are adding more castles and cities for conquest with each Chronicle.  I dont have a link handy but somewhere I read they have only put in about 3/5ths of the current 2 kingdoms and there is still a whole 3rd kingdom to be added (Elmore I think).  As long as it takes to level and the difficulty of even taking one of the castles I expect the current ones will keep most people satisfied until the next Chronicle but who knows.

    You can have pledge wars at any time and completely apart from seiges (alliances are when multiple pledges join together to fight another clan or alliance I believe).  I am not sure what the benefits are outside of just the fun for doing this.  I believe there are some but maybe somebody who knows a bit more will answer that.

    Lol, reading back thats a lot of I thinks and I believes, hopefully someone who knows more for sure will reply.  The only piece I am sure of, is that there are more castles coming in the free Chronicles.


  • StereoviewerStereoviewer Member Posts: 238
    Thanks for the info, but what do you mean with  "3/5ths of the current 2 kingdoms"? Also, do you know the functions of hideouts and if it´s possible to siege these too?

  • k11keeperk11keeper Member UncommonPosts: 1,048

    I have a question that kind of deals with this. You said in the original post that people would just make huge clans but isn't that you have a cap of 10 at first and then when your clan gets to level 3 or 4 you can get up to 40 in your clan? If this is true wouldn't you have to make alliances to take over castles and if so what happens if the alliance is broken? Because from what I gathered from the L2 site you can brake alliances at any time.

    If someone can answer this for I would appreciate it, thank you.

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