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Price difference on these vid cards worth the extra gain?

For christmas this year I got a gift card and some cash.  Im going to upgrade my vid card, and am going to go with the 7950 GT, unless there is reason I could be convinced otherwise. (I dont want a DX10 card, im not getting Vista for a long time after release and my processor isnt up to par to do a DX10 card justice).

The first card is made by EVGA and has a little bit of performance boost at the cost of $30 extra.

The second card is made by BFG and has a little less performance than the EVGA, but costs less.

Is the extra clock speeds in the EVGA card worth the extra cash, or will it not make that much of a difference frame rate wise?


  • asupermaneasupermane Member Posts: 682
    I dont think you would notice the difference personally.  Plus you can always overclock.

    but its up to you if you want to save the money.


  • ACE777ACE777 Member UncommonPosts: 205
    BFG is better quality anyway.

    "Kaneda! you see?"

  • desnowdesnow Member Posts: 390
    Originally posted by ACE777

    BFG is better quality anyway.

    I disagree. BFG has very good service though. I am going on warranty replacement number 5 for a 6600oc. Everytime it has died under normal circumstances and BFG has replaced it without any charges, but the card isn't under a constant heavy load let alone pushed to its limits. It is just the computer hooked upto my TV for recrding show, friends checking email and lower end gaming.

    The people working at BFG are great and give good service, but I have never had so many issues any given company's video cards in my life. I have purchased Nvidia chipsets from two other companies with far fewer issues. Just my experiences though.

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