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What the f***

I just got emails from DnL saying that they charged me 59dollars and that I owe them 9.99 dollars. WTF is this? Anyone else got billed by them?


  • JackcoltJackcolt Member UncommonPosts: 2,170
    Post an image of the whole screen please(with card numbers and so censored)


  • RumorsRumors Member Posts: 161
    Someone else had a similar issue.

  • TaguritTagurit Member Posts: 309
    Is there no end to the stupidity of this company?  This IS the 2nd or 3rd incident of them charging inactive accounts. 

    Ironic that this would occur right after Farlan's last ditch effort to try to get subs.  If you didn't know they are offering limited free play.

    Of course, you still have to buy the game and then get charged over & over & over again.
  • TinybinaTinybina Member Posts: 2,130
    Originally posted by Xtromass

    I just got emails from DnL saying that they charged me 59dollars and that I owe them 9.99 dollars. WTF is this? Anyone else got billed by them?
    God is still punishing you  for being stupid enough to fall for that piece of crap game, even after serveral posters tried to warn people like you.

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  • JackDonkeyJackDonkey Member Posts: 383
    I have a sick desire to actually pay money for this game, if I could by a time card somewhere I probably would, but I ain't giving them my credit card. 

    Hell even with milfhunter.com I got some money back from them cause they said it was 3 day intro price, and then they didn't send me confirmation email until like 5 days laters so I got charged the next month, so I called them up and was like Yo I only wanted 3 days but I didn't get the thing that told me how to cancel until like 5 days after.

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  • RhoklawRhoklaw Member LegendaryPosts: 7,412

    Internet + Credit Cards = You getting ****ed in the ***

  • ShanniaShannia Member Posts: 2,096

    I've tried defending DnL in the past.  Now, I too have received another billing after never even being able to install the game.  I'm so disappointed in Farlan.


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  • hyaruhyaru Member UncommonPosts: 133

    Maby i have an idea,cancel ure subsribtion (if u aready did SUE THEM)

    and remember do not subsribe to D&L ever again

    Thats my point of view,yours could be different


    but wait isnt 59,- a bit of an high monthly fee "

    it woulndt be that right

    so what made the price that high or did u buy more months

    Did u allow them to bill u automatickly

    i would try a way to contact them



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  • PwndStarPwndStar Member Posts: 111
    Well, I'm staying away from this company.

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  • RiotgirlRiotgirl Member UncommonPosts: 520

    Originally posted by Rhoklaw
    Internet + Credit Cards = You getting ****ed in the ***

    Wrong. Your credit card covers you for fraudulent transactions or those transactions where the goods or services were not fit for purpose.

    Where you are right is that users still need to exercise judgement on where and how they use their credit cards, because it's still a degree of ball-ache to resolve.


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  • JackcoltJackcolt Member UncommonPosts: 2,170
    Originally posted by Rhoklaw

    Internet + Credit Cards = You getting ****ed in the ***
    I've used my Credit Card more than 50 times on the net. I've never ever been ****ed in the ***


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