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General: Game/On Commentary

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

MMORPG.com's official podcast, Game/On, returns after a brief hiatus for the Holidays!

This week, MMORPG.com's new Community Manager Laura Genender joins Game/On podcast co-host Jon Wood to talk about the proposed laws in South Korea that would see the government step in to control the exchange of virtual currency in MMORPGs.

Listen to the whole podcast here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • CastorHoSCastorHoS Member Posts: 54
    Jon someone has to get you to say  the word "about" right lol.

    I think what you missed and what a lot of people miss in the whole farmer vs. regulations conflict is that game companies whether developers or publishers are now able to put more pressure on law makers than ever before.

    This is why, as you mentioned, NCSoft NA was able to go after illegal servers for L2 and shut them down with the assistance of the courts. This is also why you see China and Korea looking at making laws to basically protect the rights and intellectual property of those companies. When your looking at an industry that is fast approaching the $50 billion per year earnings mark and will probably see that double very easily within the next 4 or 5 years that is a lot of money they have to throw at common problems that either cause them to lose money or cause profits to fall out of their own hands.

    Jon was right on the spot though when he said it is stealing. You have large groups of people who are getting paid to steal and sell someone else's work. It is called ethics and the farmers from everything they have ever done in any game show they have none.

    CoH/CoV do have farmers they sell the Infamy and Influence.

  • LumsterLumster Member Posts: 230
    Nice one but I have to disagree on the whole "it's theft" part.
    No it's not theft it's an infringement of copyright, which is a huge difference.
    In fact, it would be way cheaper for you to steal a CD and get caught than downloading one and get caught.
    Don't get me wrong I hate farmers (not the persons behind the comps but their chars), bots and gold selling/buying.

    However, farmers are not responsible for the design of the game. How about designing a game where items and currency don't mean that much and you don't have to farm for 10000 hours to get something done. Or just don't let people trade currency that easily.
  • AmorphismAmorphism Member UncommonPosts: 101
    OT: You want to show the community means something to you? want strong, more active community? so pick someone on the forums, one that has a lot to say, one that is very opinionated and has a way with words, and request him to be on Game/On show!

    I would love to see that. Off to the poll - - ->

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