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Pirates of the Burning Sea: Presenting Two New User Created Ships!

Pirates of the Burning Sea gives us a look at two new user created ships.

With the help of our User Content Steering Committee Flying Lab Software Technical Artist Joram Hughes has introduced two new user-created ships to the Captain's Ship Guide!

You can view screenshots and historical information for Michael O'Dwyer's Capricieux and Eilelwen's Strasland by visiting the User Ships section of the Captain's Ship Guide!

Once there, click on any of the ships at the top of the page for more detailed information.

Want to learn more about our User Content program? Then you will want to visit the Pirates of the Burning Sea User Content Shipwright Forum!

Many thanks to Michael O'Dwyer and Eilelwen for all their hard work!

Read more about Pirates of the Burning Sea here.


  • OctavioGrifOctavioGrif Member Posts: 4
    Liking this game more and more the more i read and hear about it,  pity Santa didnt give me a beat key
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