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Lord of the Rings Online: Beta Journal and New Site

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online has gone through a website makeover, with a new, sleeker look. Today, the new site features a brand new Beta Journal. It's too long to print here though, so if you're interested or like what you see, follow the link below.

I'm with some burglars that fellowship together in all-stealth groups, and for us, play is a little different. As in most games, the penalty for stealth is speed and so the all-burglar game is a slower paced game. As you approach each encounter, even the incidental ones, there is time to plan as you creep up to the mobs. Who will take which mobs and in what order? Where do we approach from? It is this planning aspect I enjoy about the class. Burgling is a thinking hobbit's game - oh and those big folk too.

Last Friday our usual leader was out and I was subbing in as leader. With me were two other burglars, a human the same level and another hobbit two levels lower - we'll call them "Wingman" and "Lowbie". We headed into the goblin camps in the Lonelands. The goblins in this area have a series of camps, each different in layout with two to four goblins in each and usually one warg (a very large wolf).

The warg is a concern for burglars. Our mez (mesmerization spell), called a "riddle" in honor of the original Bilbo Baggins' ability in such things - only works on talking bipeds. We can't mez animals or insects. Further - wargs and other dogs seems to have an enhanced sense in detecting us stealthed. So even though the wargs are often the lowest level in a camp - they deserve the most planning attention.

As we were approaching one of the camps I was sending the orders. It doesn't seem right for those in a stealth group (think Navy Seals or Ninjas) to be talking. Hand signals don't work because you might not be looking at the leader at the right time so we use a form of chat where we've mapped pre-determined hand-signal-like messages to the alt-keys on the keyboard to send messages without moving our focus to the chat window or spending a lot of time typing in combat (or mostly pre-combat).

There were three goblins in the camp and one warg. Two of the goblins were higher and the warg was low in level. One goblin seemed to be strolling on a route; the other two stationary in the middle of the camp by the fire. The warg was standing out front towards us, as if on guard. I sent instructions that Wingman should attack the guy on the route - I'd attack the warg and mez the center one and our lowbie would try and mez theirs. After I finished off the warg, we'd still have a mez left and we should be able to take them almost one by one. My fellow burglars, stealthed, fanned out to get behind their targets.

Read the whole thing here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • StevonStevon Member UncommonPosts: 219
    Saw the new site.  Not impressed.  Much more difficult to use than the old one and the information layout is a lot less efficient.

    As for the game it's looking decent.  But not being in beta it's hard to really know how it's doing.  We'll see!
  • onemegonemeg Member UncommonPosts: 32
    I hate to say but I have to agree with Stevon....I think the old site was much better and way more professional looking than the new site
  • boingedboinged Member UncommonPosts: 161
    I prefer the EU site, but really I'd prefer they stop making new websites (4th one and counting?) and finish the game
  • johnhartsonjohnhartson Member Posts: 19
    Some things are better on the new website. Once your used to it it will be no problem, mmorpg also has updated website in begin i never like them because it's different than usual. New lotro site requires to much clicks in my opinion to get to a topic.
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