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Old player with a few questions

SagaBoySagaBoy Member Posts: 83
I quite playing nearly 2 years ago.  I had/have a 99 FS priest and a 95+ sin.  I'm thinking of going back if for no other reason than to finish off my assasin.  So here are the questions I have.

1) Is that turtle island place or the clock tower room that requires a key (full of alarms and these book creatures) still the only place to effectively level up solo

2) Would my equipment (a collection of 18+ 3x carded jurs + elemental katars be outdated)

3) Are assasins now? I just remember it was extremely hard to actually get in regular leveling parties when I played.

4) Is Assasin Cross worth the grind?


  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    1) Nope plenty more added like Thanatos Tower and Lake of the Abyss which offer pretty good exp.

    2) Thats still top notch stuff.

    3) Same as before, All melee classes will have a difficult time forming a party.

    4) Yes.


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