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Free AL Buddy Trial

Ake_GamerAke_Gamer Member Posts: 112

Get ready for some vicious PvP, extensive castle sieges and some awe-inspiring views as hundreds of players enter into Chantra and prepare to battle for their lives. What better time to spread the ArchLord word to your friends and supply them with the below buddy key:


Once they've played for 10 days free, all they need to do is upgrade to a retail key to carry on playing ArchLord for free! Copies of ArchLord are available from most major video game retailers, or alternatively, the Codemasters e-store.

Have at it, then come back here and present your opinion. 8)

Dec 20,1999: AC1(DT).Since then:DAoC,SB,AC2,L2,EvE,WoW,SoR
Currently playing: ArchLord - L58 Knight
LoTRo - L13 Dwarf Guardian


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