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Lookin for good rpg plz.

thnx for reply to begin with.

any good rpg will do except rakion,maple story, cause i dont like them much.

silkroad wont work cause some runtime thing, not sure(sent bug report to the site already)

and my comp is a good piece of work, jus dont go over the top with it plz, not that good.

o yea, free games only plz, im a cheap [email protected][email protected]

thanx for reading once again.


  • TestZeroTestZero Member Posts: 5

    OK, Seroiusly... one of the best... fastest paced mmorpg's is The 4th Coming.  It's old school... but still indepth.  You don't choose a race... you simply choose your stats and that decides what class you are... endless possibilities... from battle mage's, paladins... to tanks.. to a priest that has a bow... waste of time.. but you can do it.  WoW is also a great game... bigger... slower paced than T4C but very fun    

    Don't get addicted lol! Cya later

  • manusanarusmanusanarus Member Posts: 2

    i know not much MMORPG's but i can say u this:

    - never play runescape

    - if you have a slow pc: play TIBIA

    - if you have a fast pc : play RAPPELZ

    - if you have a fast pc and you wanna pay : play WOW

    Good luck,

  • martizmartiz Member Posts: 7
    I'd suggest  flyff.gpotato.eu or you can try the English one for english talking flyff.gpotato.com

    The eu means european and the other is for the English talking as I said.

    European is at German.

    FlyFF it's the life

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