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Looking for a good Sci-fi game

Hi all,

Well since E&B is no longer an optionimage I am in the market for a good Sci-Fi game. I am looking for something with a good community and a plotline. I tried EVE, but much as I tried to I just couldn't get into it.image

I don't really need a space based game, but I'm a little tired of fantasy. If it helps in answering my question I REALLY like to buld things in game.

Thanks for any sugestions.


Tolerent enough to listen.
Intolerant enough to qustion.

Tolerent enough to listen.
Intolerant enough to qustion.


  • DemorianDemorian Member Posts: 15

    Good community, you say? Do I have the one for you! :-P

    But seriously. I highly recommend DarkSpace, a game that's been recently added to MMORPG.com's arsenal of online games. It's a small, free-to-download (but subscription-based) MMO that has been around for longer than E&B, despite E&B's publicity and big-name support. It was founded by the Austin, TX-based PaleStar in early 2001.

    DarkSpace is free to download @ DarkSpace.net and is currently running a free trial with full access to all accounts until April 4. All new accounts receive a five-day coupon as well, free trial or not!

    The game itself features multiple ways to gain rank, ranging from mining planets for money in the safety of your faction's territory all the way to fast-pased dogfighting. All in all, you can mine, scout, build and maintain the vital structures on your planets, bomb planets, capture planets, navigate the stars (you get points for jumping ;)), capture enemy vessels, destroy enemy vessels, and resupply enemy ships. There are even prestige categories for "Kamikaze" and "Planet Collisions", making sure that you get fair points gained or lost, depending on what you deserve ;)

    Ship movement is "naval", which means they move on a 2d plane. However, the game itself is full 3D and you have almost complete camera autonomy with a quick movement of your mouse. With three unique factions to choose from, each with their own wide array of venerable and budding player-run fleets, you should be able to fit in no matter what play style you're looking for.

    You don't own a ship in DarkSpace, per se... as in a single ship that you fly. It's much more dynamic than that. When you join a server, you are able to access any vessel that your faction's resource pool and your own rank/badges will allow. As you gain more rank and acclaim, you will gain access to the more massive capital ships and stations that will allow you to make your own mark on the galaxy. A six-vessel storage systems allows you to save ships that you have previously used or upgraded. As such, you can own vessels, but what you pilot is not limited.

    If you're looking for a balanced game, then DarkSpace is an excellent choice. DarkSpace has recently received its long-awaited 1.481 patch, which changed a lot about the game and expanded the MetaVerse (persistent online universe where players control their faction's territory thorugh conquest) to over 30 systems. Our next patch, 1.482, will implement a massive proposal by our hard-working Developer Team to rework and reconfigure all of the major vessel layouts so that all three factions can be unique yet match each other perfectly in combat. If you get in and learn the game now, you will be as prepared as any of us for the even greater times that are to come.

    Now, about community... as I said, DarkSpace is small, and has been around for three years now. As such, we have had three years in which to form a small group of bored gamers looking to do something good for DarkSpace into a large and well-organized Volunteer Staff that monitors the game and chat channels to make sure that spirits remain high and that sportsmanship is observed. We don't allow swearing, spamming, overly obnoxious behavior, or harassment of any kind, and we have had three years to perfect our policies and reactions to such situations.

    The players themselves are dedicated and friendly, and you will be able to find answers to questions almost anywhere that you turn. I really can't say enough about DarkSpace's players... the community is simply phenomenal.

    For more information about DarkSpace, see our Homepage and also our Online Manual, which has been recently rewritten to explain all of the new workings of version 1.481. The Manual will give you a glimpse into the incredible depth of DarkSpace.

    We look forward to seeing you there.



    PaleStar Staff
    Manual Editor
    Galactic Navy Founder


    PaleStar Staff
    DarkSpace Manual Editor
    Galactic Navy Founder

    Get sucked in! Visit DarkSpace at DarkSpace.net.

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