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HAHA Suckers....

DakkanonDakkanon Member Posts: 289

The Open Beta for the first week is probably the worst. Over Crowded, the slightest Bug ends up being a pest... but there's not just one, there's usually a swarm of iddy biddy bugs that it's overwhelming, and since everyone is NEW, it's difficult to find a mob to kill and not have someone try to take that exp away from you. Or am I the only Nut who's had this bad experience?

I'll be waiting a week.. then I play and Grind...


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  • MistiMisti Member Posts: 724

    Almost all the problems I have seen or heard of on the boards is related to the fact they dont have enough servers.  Think of it as an extreme stress test.  image

    The servers are so taxed that at times there has been extreme NPC lag where monsters dont fight back and NPCs dont respond to quests correctly causing them to get bugged.  Hopefully they will get more up soon and things will get better.  Whomever thought 3 servers was even close to enough to handle this huge volumn of people should be fired. 

  • ramadinramadin Member Posts: 1,304

    Obviously they new about how many people they would have since they planned originally to have 10 servers.  But they lowered it to 3.  Why?  Who knows maybe they couldnt get em all up in time, but this is a prime example of why you dont make things available to the public when its not ready.


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  • KugelnKugeln Member Posts: 151
    When the beta first started at 3 am EST they had 3 offical servers and one non offical server later in the morning the non offical server crashed and hasn't been up since.

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