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Rangers(what to expect)

CyrisCyris Member Posts: 84

I'm curios if being a Ranger will be a costly job.

In ffxi, buying the constant suply of arrows was VERY expensive. The most expensive job in the game.. any idea if it will be the same thing in Lineage? or have they found some other way to do it.


  • GordonJGordonJ Member Posts: 8

    Going by the description on the webpage, you're going to be stuck buying arrows again.

    "...Sword/knife/blunt types are close range, and only players with bows may automatically attack from a further distance. However, bows consume arrows and MP, but may inflict a greater damage comparable to magic spells. Unlike spells, bow attacks cannot be cancelled, and the player may move after firing a shot...."

  • MistiMisti Member Posts: 724

    I dont know about at the really high levels but at least for the first 30 levels or so arrows are so cheap you dont even notice it unlike in FFXi where they are insanely expensive.

    Wooden arrows which you use in bows up till D grade (level 20+) only cost 2 adena each.  This is super cheap since monsters drop lots more then you will use in arrows at these levels.  For example monsters around level 12 to 14 drop about 90 to 120 adena most of the time.  Basically a couple kills can pay for 100 arrows or more and you will rarely use more then a few per fight at these levels.

    Also, when using bows your often using the Powershot skill which is a very hard hitting special attack with the bow which doesnt even consume an arrow (its magic I guess image).

    Bone arrows for D grade bows cost like 4 adena each so its still insignificant.  I have heard that at higher levels it gets more expensive though.  I still cant imagine comparing it to FFXI though where Rangers have to spend half their time playing farming money for arrows.

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