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best race

what race


  • NadrilNadril Member Posts: 1,276
    There is no "best race".

    But I play an orc, and i'm cool, so I chose orc.

  • linuxgamerlinuxgamer Member Posts: 126
    Female Night Elves

  • daniboy2142daniboy2142 Member Posts: 19
    wow, man nobody likes trolls but im with night elves they rock! and gnomes suck


  • RefnuRefnu Member Posts: 140

    Current: Puzzle Pirates
    Waiting: SWTOR,Aion, CO
    Played: AC, WoW, SB, EVE

  • TimeIslowTimeIslow Member UncommonPosts: 1


    btw how much Polls have Wow forum with Question:

    WIch race is the Best ?image


  • haudvicushaudvicus Member Posts: 176
    Yeah, I'm horde, and I picked Gnome. You want to fight or something?
  • IthurielIthuriel Member CommonPosts: 179
    I want to vote for murlocs.  I don't really care one way or another about any of the races, except that I know I hate gnomes.  A lot.
  • zerohunter64zerohunter64 Member Posts: 9

    the best is night elf


  • SirwalloSirwallo Member Posts: 53
    I like dwarves :D

    Wallo =)

  • jacobsthemanjacobstheman Member Posts: 80
    poor one went with them....oh well i went with orcs! for the horde!!!
  • destro3979destro3979 Member Posts: 470

    my 2 fav races arnt on there....

    and Nadril i knew i reconized you
    your on too
    hi lol

    but back on topic

    you dont have to bc races so ill have to say tauren


  • gidger123gidger123 Member Posts: 4

    gnomes gnomes, i love gnomes, good casters, have a great racial, though, they tend to have LoS issues, but its worth it to see a 2 foot tall creature carrying a 6 foot sword and fliping all over the place to swing it



    lvl 60 Warlock-retired

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